We offer a full range of products and use only top quality materials to achieve the best results. These include Duceram Kiss, E.max, Vitality, Spectramax (Full form Zirconia), Bonded to metal and Composite materials to meet all your technical demands.
Whether you need a simple Bonded crown, or full mouth restoration requiring careful pre-planning from the initial stages through to the completed case, we have the expertise to complete the job.
Utilising the latest software and technology from Renishaw, we are able to model various products in house with speed and precision. Offering a metal free solution for most restorative applications.

We can provide diagnostic wax-ups, provisional restorations and Denar articulation to achieve success and patient satisfaction.

Cobalt-Chrome framework and full form

Cobalt-Chrome is used for non precious full form crowns and bonded framework for crown and bridge. This alloy is highly bio-compatible and either be made in house, or designed using cad/cam and milled out by Renishaw. Examples of its uses include full metal crowns, copings, posts and bridges.

Zirconia full form

Zirconia is a form of incredibly strong ceramic. The item will be designed on site via cad/cam and sent over to Bristol crown company for milling. Zirconia has a strong aesthetic and is available in the full vita spectrum. Uses include full form crowns and bridges.

IPS E.max

E.max (or lithium disilicate) is our most aesthetic pressable ceramic. They have high strength and can be used for crowns, bridges and veneers. All E.max crowns are hand crafted in house by our crown and bridge technicians, providing a great alternative to metal dentistry.

Gold full form and inlay/onlay

Precious metal crowns and partial crowns are available for in house fabrication. precious metal crowns have been used in dentistry for a long time and are highly reliable and bio-compatible. Usually used for crowns and partial teeth.


Gradia composite is a light cured resin normally used for inlays or onlays. As well as this, composite serves as a high aesthetic material that performs sympathetically with natural dentition. Uses have now extended beyond restorations to replacement porcelain crowns, bridges and veneers.