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At European Dental, we are constantly looking for ways in which we can improve and streamline our services. We believe that digital dentistry is the way forward for our business, and the dental industry as a whole. There are many advantages to this format,  some of which will be listed below.

dig dent

Model Free

We can receive a digital file from an Intra Oral Scanner (IOS). That digital file is in the Lab and ready for printing before the patient has left your chair and that file is available for storage or printing…forever.

You can always still send conventional models or impressions. With current scanning technology, impressions or models can be directly scanned and turned into 3D digital models, as opposed to being cast up in plaster. This saves on unnecessary gypsum material waste from the models, as well as postage cost to and from dental clinics by eliminating weight.

Storage of these digital models is a huge bonus. As they are no longer physical, it can be stored for much longer and in much higher quantities. The ease of access to these files can make communication with the patient much better, with the ability for the dentist to access their files though cloud storage and share it with the client.


Accuracy and quality

At European Dental, we utilise Renishaw dental studio and the DS30 bluelight scanner. This allows us to accurately scan models and impressions on to our system, where they can be designed with precision. We currently use this system for the vast majority of our crown and bridge work, using it to design our non-precious products, wax-ups for IPS E-max products and more recently, full form Zirconia.


File uploads

If your practice utilises Intraoral Scanning technology and needs to send .STL files, please give us a call on 01363 775971 or send us an email at to request the details for our google drive uploads account.